Build 0.4.3 will hit Steam on December 22nd

The team behind Skara is working very hard to deliver another update only three weeks after the Build 0.4.2, and we promise it is going to be full of exciting content!

First of all, we will introduce a new character: the Shinse. These deadly female warriors will be available in the new build, and for players it’s going to be an entirely new experience. The Shinse are the fastest fighters in Skara and are therefore able to perform simultaneous attacks, way more than the Celea do. However, at the same time they are comparatively weak and don’t have a wide range of actions. So fighting with a Shinse character will be all about moving fast, hitting and withdrawing in a search for the weakest spots in your enemies’ defense. And we can’t forget to mention that they will be able to teleport in the middle of a combo and hit their opponents from behind. What else could you ask for?


We are also going to release new and larger arenas. The Coliseum is great to test the basic combat system of Skara, but we want to introduce an enhanced arena experience: Larger, wide open environments that will be perfect for pitched battles between larger teams. These new arenas won’t be 100% finished, but it will provide players a taste of the Team Deathmatch experience we have in mind. We are going to ask for a lot of feedback from players to make sure that our upcoming features do in face provide the perfect team-based combat experience.


Many smaller tweaks and bug fixing will also take place in the new build. We are improving the lag issue in every update, and also the menus and UI are improving.

Finally, we will release a new and improved lobby to enable player to schedule fights and battles with friends. Soon we will announce our first official Skara tournaments (in European and US times), so be prepared. Do you have what it takes to rule over Skara?