Skara 0.6.2 Patch Update

  • With the new build we are changing our style a little bit. Instead of waiting weeks and even months to have a new version out, we are producing smaller updates that improve the game where it needs it most, in direct response to your feedback.

    Thanks for providing it in our forums, etc!

    So, our ‘hot fix’ 0.6.2 includes a few things we would like you to know about:

    1. The game should load and play more quickly than it was before. We also worked on eliminating run-time crashes and other bugs that make the game freeze and die in the heart of battle. These are the most crucial problems we found, so if you still experience them–LET US KNOW
    2. We have further balanced out the new combat system, specifically the strength of the Tamvaasa ‘Ice trap’ attack and the Shinse poison attack. Both have been reduced a little, as has the strength of the Shinse dash and heavy attack.We have also reduced the Shinse hit stun– Celea stand a chance now 🙂
    3. Animations are smoother now, and players should see more feedback when fighting Groth. We know that a lot of you notice these little changes, and we hope you can appreciate them. Skara is about being as smooth and realistic as possible when it comes to animations. Soon fatalities will make this experience more spectacular.
    4. The lighting in the tutorial has been adjusted (it won’t be so dark for new players) and a few other adjustments in the arenas have also taken place. We would love to hear more about the arenas–especially from players who remember 0.5.6 and before.
    5. Now for the new goodies. We have worked on some of the new skins! Check out the new Tamvaasa axe designs for the Rockaxe, Bentaxe and the Lakwarguard helmets and armor. As you can see, they are brighter and even more impressive–truly worthy of our favorite northern fighters.

    Expect more to come next week (and the week after that, and after that… )

    See you on the Battlefield!

    Pablo and the SKARA Team


    While our programming team has been hard at work getting the final pieces of Skara 0.6.0 finished (there are a million pieces, so it has taken some time) the art team has already begun work on Jotheim, the siege battle arena set to release later this year.

    We are far from having the final draft finished, so please feel free to let us know what YOU think. The magical thing about indie development is the ability to share things with the community and get early feedback.

    Concept Art stage:


    Jotheim is the Capital of the Durno, Skara’s imperialistic people.


    The Durno believe they have descended from the Eagles.


    We think Eagles are better than Dragons 😉



    There is still a long way to go, but let us know what you think!

    Meanwhile, you can still try our closed Beta! Sign up using this form and you can get into the game within 3 days.


    Skara is advancing towards its last phase of development. For the last 2 YEARS we have been sharing the progress on Skara’s core mechanics, defining every single aspect of the game with the community. The feedback you all provided has been incredibly valuable, and, as a result, the upcoming Build 0.6.0 will be amazing.

    It has been quite a long journey, and our team has worked really hard to bring your vision for an awesome skill-based, close-combat game to Steam. This summer, that dream will become a reality!

    The list of features that came from ideas and suggestions from Skara’s community is impressive: the manual targeting system, range attacks, the improved defense and dodge mechanics… even Groth! Our beloved Boss of the Lava Coliseum was born as an idea from our players and they even got to name him!

    For this reason we want to especially thank our most committed players who have been helping us out with long testing sessions, chats, forum post, reviews and suggestions. Huge shout outs to Villspor, Ares, ric and Hersher, who follow us from our Kickstarter campaign. R, Anax of Rhodes, Challenger, ZAToM, Kris, ReImagination, ivansolidsnake, Jushi, 3dogaru, deathrow_nzl, Maximum Sloth, Adellion, Reddblock, Zeta, and so many more users from the Steam forum have been testing each version and providing valuable feedback, in turn helping us determine how to move forward and where to put our limited resources to the most valuable use. THANK YOU AGAIN GUYS!


    This is still really only the beginning. Once Skara 0.6.0 is out this summer, we’ll continue adding new features, cosmetics, items, skills, and animations. The sword-wielding Durno will be our next character.

    A new faction system will be implemented soon for you and your friends to be able to create your own clan and determine the future of Skara. Jotheim, our Team Siege arena, is being developed as we speak. Check out the latest tests and assets by following our social media accounts!

    Although Skara is taking shape, there is still room for your ideas and suggestions for these and all the features that will come in the future. The World of Two Suns remains in your hands. 🙂

    See you on the battlefield!

    Pablo (Chief Skaradev)


    Since Skara Alpha 0.5.6 was released, the team has been busy compiling all your feedback about the game and working hard to solve issues and improve gameplay accordingly.

    Your feedback has been incredibly valuable – although the graphics and gameplay for Alpha 0.5.6 are a good sample of the final version of Skara, there were several issues, such as responsiveness, lag and optimization that we knew we had to work on.

    All three features could be solved in one single build, but we needed some extra time to work out the delicate aspects for the game, and do the work right. It is a challenging task to make solid gameplay that works smoothly for almost any PC and internet connection. The programmers therefore had to reconfigure the whole combat system while the designers are tweaking animation timings to get them just right for every fighting style.

    However, our primary challenge has been integrating dedicated servers and fixing lag for distant connections. This is not only a problem for Skara. Most of the games out there using Unreal Engine 4 are dealing with similar issues – such as teleports or shaking characters. Replication on multiplayer games is often squeamish, and there were not many examples of solid multiplayer experiences in UE4 to work from. So far, there is not a universal tool or trick to solve this kind of thing, although there are some prediction elements that we took from racing and shooters games. So our programmers had to reconfigure the system from scratch to avoid sending too many calls to the servers.

    We have been running tests with 8 players on the same map and they were extremely successful, so we can guarantee that lag won’t be an issue again in Skara from Build 0.6.0.

    The second problem was the lack of responsiveness in certain actions, like dodging or blocking. Taking advantage of the re-structuring work that the programmers were implementing, our designers have implemented rock-solid documentation to set up the timings and animation blends for each action, both to make the multiplayer game more enjoyable and responsive. We also seized the moment to incorporate small gameplay elements to increase the number of options and strategies for players while fighting: Attack cancellations, combo buffering and two different kind of dodges will multiply the amount of possibilties for close combat.

    The final problem was optimization, and we are taking care of it. Although game’s performance on low end PC’s won’t be perfect yet, we are working hard to improve FPS and to provide a broader number of options to configure the game depending on your PC specs.

    Besides these important changes Skara 0.6.0 will include a lot of exciting and useful features: A friend and party system to let you add contacts within the game, create and join lobbies together and enjoy some social interaction during a fight. We are also introducing a new look for our Duel Arena, Jaarvi, several new skins, weapons and cosmetic options, new UI enhancements and much more!

    It will still be a while till we can put all of this together for players to try, but rest assured we are working hard and looking forward to it!


    With most of the art department’s work done for the next build, we have set our sights on getting started in the new arena, Jotheim.

    Jotheim is going to be the most spectacular arena yet, with bigger challenges, siege dynamics, strategic choice, and a seriously competitive design.

    True to our commitment to include Action/RPG-like AI, we are starting to put together Jotheim’s “Monsters.” Have a look at the concepts so far!

    The Ram


    …and the concept for the Eagles.


    The City of Jotheim is the capital of the Durno, who believe they were brought to Skara by Eagles. These beasts represent all that characterize the Durno: intelligence, strength, ruthlessness, and the ability to soar high above the world with wings of ambition. It is no coincidence that the Durno seat of power is called the “Court of the Eagles”, and that Durno kings go hunting for eagles every cycle of Celem…

    Both of these creatures will play a critical role in the gameplay of Jotheim, and players will have to master their quirks to overcome, repel or conquer.

    As usual, the community will be along for the entire ride to comment and help us perfect it!

    See you on the battlefield!

    Pablo and the SKARA Team

  • Check out the cool progress being made on Skara’s versus fighting arena, Jaarvi!

    More than just the look of this arena will change. Stay tuned for more information.