El Juego

En un mundo destruido por un cataclismo, ¿cuánto tiempo puedes sobrevivir en Skara?

Lucha por lo que queda de Skara, el primer juego de lucha de su género.

Escoge entre las cinco razas y combate cuerpo a cuerpo con hasta 16 jugadores. Disfruta de la libertad de personalizar tu apariencia, equipamiento y estilo de combate. Después, prepárate para la batalla, ya sea de cinco minutos o cinco horas.

En Skara los jugadores son los protagonistas. Domina las arenas de Skara individualmente o como parte de una de las facciones en guerra.

Tus acciones escribirán la historia de Skara


Fear comes from the belly.
So Khärn cut the belly to let it out.

Out of the Rhozha Mountains came fearsome barbarians, causing terror and destruction wherever they went. The Khärn spawned deep in the bowels of Skara and worship the horned Snake-God, Bül. Only the bravest dare compete with their great strength.


…Thus came the Durno to be masters of Skara. –excerpt from the Chronicles of the Kings of Jotheim.

Once masters of a mighty empire spanning across Skara, the Durno know no limits of pride. They are skillful tacticians and diplomats, gifted with splendid technology and exceptional powers of organization. Other cultures in Skara trust them at their peril.


…Soon all in this new land will know, and fear the Sons of Fire.

The Celea are rapacious killers, making use of their tireless energy with devasting effect. New arrivals to Skara from the burning lands of the South, the Celea are responsible for forcing the Shinse from their homelands. Soldiers must advance against their long spears with great caution.


“Anger that sits burns its bearer, Anger that moves burns others” –Shinse proverb

Channel the wisdom and grace of the Seven Schools, the code that keeps this matriarchal society strong. The Shinse yearn to return to their ancestral coast lands, lost to Celean invaders. They now live in the northern steppes to the East, in Nagaco: the floating city.

“Gaal said the first Tamvaasa came out of the water. He said like a fish Tamvaasa swam and breathed and ate below until the day came and Celem called him up”.

Surviving in their frozen, northern homelands the Tamvaasa nurture assassins’ hearts. They hunt their enemies mercilessly, like the Vilkai hides they cover themselves with. They are sworn enemies of the Durno, who have encroached on their lands.