Look for Skara revamp Feb 23

A brand new version of Skara is due to arrive on Steam in a couple weeks with an official release date set for Monday, 23 February.

The new version will really change the game’s core, with new features and elements included to make it less a ‘test’ and more of an ‘experience.’

Here’s a list of the changes and new features coming:

  • Optimization: this will allow a whole new set of players with mid-level specs to play. The optimization also allows some flexibility in game settings, such as frame rate, etc.
  • Arena Boss: There will now be a fierce AI monster to fight in the Lava Coliseum. We announce the arrival of Groth the Soul Ripper, who got his name from submissions by you, the community!
  • New combat features: New area special attacks, free-aim mode, distance weapons, new Shinse Heavy and Light Attacks and a lot or more exciting stuff!
  • New in-game features: match goals and objectives, multi-kill notifications, in-game scores…
  • New visual enhancements: new impacts and blood VFX, blood decals in any surface after every hit, a new health and stamina HUD and much more.


Of course, with all of these new features and alterations to the game, the dev team needs you, the players, more than ever!

We are most looking forward to hearing your opinions about character balancing, controller and keyboard mapping, in-game flow and game modes. We will plan on having a pre-set questions for you to answer, survey style, and welcome any other points or opinions.

Get involved by providing lots of feedback on these (and any other topics) on Steam, our website, Twitter and Facebook, or by emailing contact@skarathebladeremains.com

Can’t wait to hear from you!

The SKARA Team