Hi guys!

As mentioned before, we are finally about to release our new website and forum. Everything will change, the new website will be responsive and the forums will look amazing. The bad news are that the forum will be disconnected during the migration, we need to move databases and don´t want to loose any of your messages! Wednesday July 16th at 11:00pm THE FORUM WILL REMAIN CLOSED. We hope to be back as soon as possible.


So, whay can I do if I want to work on my faction, post a funny bug or comment something about the latest build? Well, you have a lot of different options:

· Like us on Facebook! No, really. We´ll post news about the upcoming build and would love to bring the conversation there. Next Friday – July 18th we´ll announce the new build release on Facebook and all of you are invited to join us on the comments.

· Follow us on Twitter! Seriously, you should. We discuss about our incoming features on Twitter, show new concept art and give away some beta keys every now and then.

· Join the Skara Group on Steam! Created by our players, you can catch up with other gamers to play Skara and discuss about our new features! Did I tell that we have a new build almost ready to be released?

We are going to ve very active on our Social Media during the Forum Blackout, so stay tuned for further news about the game and the new website.


The Skara Team

Finally, we are live on Kickstarter!! After many days of hard work, we have done something really impressive!!


Please, check our project, back and share to your friends. You will receive our infinite gratitude. Keep talking with you at the forums!


Pablo Rodríguez

Introducing some footage of the new Lava Coliseum!

We have launched Skara on Steam greenlight! If you want Skara to be released on Steam, just vote!