Our Sires and Grandsires would say this new land has made us soft, taken from us the edge our own Celean Lands gave to them.

“Fire is pure, it burns away that which is undesirable and leaves only that which is desirable” –so goes the saying.

What we have tasted they can only dream. When we have done they could only talk. What we now know, they could only speculate.

This new land is a good land, crawling with delicious creatures who fear our fire and our ways. As the passions of the Old Country burn within us, consuming everything we meet by day and filling us with insane dances at night, we have filled the land. This new frantic fire has alienated our sisters however, and most of the female Celea have disappeared in ships, none know whereto.

So our fire burns all the more hotly. Our dances are all the more lively. Our ambition grows ever more greedily.

Soon all will know, and fear the Sons of Fire.

The people of Cêlea arrived at the southern coast of Skara from far lands across the sea, where the hot sun burns the land to ashes.

When the other races saw these new “Sons of Fire”, they feared immediately what kind of warriors they were. The Cêlea are a fierce people, able to walk across the golden desert sand without burning their feet or feeling the heat.

They have boundless energy, fighting all day and dancing all night. Cêlea men march to battle with a short lancet to keep their enemies away. They can throw a fiery substance in front of themselves, and they protect themselves with golden bucklers, using the reflection of their shields to blind their enemies. In battle they are merciless.

The Cêlea are also master sailors and their ships maintain control of the southern seas.